Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right age for martial arts training?

Though it has always been, the sooner the better, but irrespective of the age, there has to be the passion in you. However, it can be determined which martial art form can be best for you, according to your age. For example, the martial art form – Aikido can be most suitable for older candidates in their 70s.

What is the strength of learners in your class?

It depends, and keeps changing time to time. However, we keep it limited to some extent so that can pay individual attention to one and all.

I don’t have an athletic body. Can I still join your martial arts training sessions?

Of course, you can! Anyone with any body type can join our sessions. With right exercise, right diet and training you can get into the right shape.

How well-trained are your instructors?

Our entire staff is well-trained and carries years of experience in providing world-class training to the students from all over the world.

Can I do a trial to see if I like martial arts?

Yes, we do offer trial sessions for candidates to have a fair idea about our training.

What diet should I follow while attending your training sessions?

You should follow a balanced diet that nourishes your body and keeps it fit. A good training paired with balanced diet can eventually help you to master this art.

How will you decide which martial art is right for me?

We assess everything – the body type, requirement, age, capacity, and then determine the right package for our candidates.

What if I've never tried anything like this before?

It’s fine. We do not expect our candidates to have any prior training or knowledge about this. Our training programs provide a complete guidance about this art and will help you learn it well.

To what size is the class limited?

Currently, due to COVID-19 considerations, we are limiting our classes to 25 students max per class.

However, after COVID-19, there will be no such limitation per class.