Haidong Gumdo

Haidong Gumdo

Master the Art of Korean Swordmanship

Haidong Gumdo is a sword-based Korean martial art form that depicts the ideas of patriotism, respect and being on the righteous path. It has been practised by the Samurang who stood at the front during the battle for justice. Carrying the knowledge and expertise in sword fighting and following the right path, they were known to be the generals to Koguryo Kings.


This martial art form is based on some standard Japanese art forms namely, Kenjutsu, Iaido, and Battodo, as it reflects the similar sword techniques. The training involves self-control, meditation and practising of various kinds of breathing techniques, which cleanses the mind and aligns it with the physical self. It requires establishing a high level of discipline within the mind and body.


The practice is performed with a wooden sword. In competitions, the plastic or rubber swords are used, in accordance with the Haidong Gumdo Federation regulations. Several sword methods are derived from other martial art forms like Bonguk Geombeop and some traditional Japanese sword styles like Toyamma Ryu and Eishin-Ryu.

Some Basic Haidong Gumdo Techniques

The basic techniques practised in Haidong Gumdo are cutting, fencing, thrusting and combatting. The abdominal breathing exercises form the foundation of this martial art form, that presents by far the most intense sword art.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of martial art is Haidong Gumdo?

Haidong Gumdo is a Korean Sword Martial Art, that is all about swordsmanship.

What qualities are required in a trainee, for Haidong Gumdo?

For a trainee, it is important to possess qualities like ability to focus, concentrate and maintain discipline. The trainee should be willing to participate regularly in the training sessions, with great zeal.

What are the benefits of Haidong Gumdo martial art training?

The regular training and practice in Haidong Gumdo brings a number of physical, mental and spiritual benefits.


It strengthens the body and makes it capable of facing immense stress. The flexibility of the body is developed with strengthened joints, tendons and ligaments. It prepares the mind for extreme pressure by keeping it calm. The sword training induces extreme accuracy, power and focus and helps in staying alert and body control. It helps overcoming the stress.

What kind of Haidong Gumdo techniques are taught in your training sessions?

The basic techniques practiced in Haidong Gumdo are cutting, fencing, thrusting and combatting. The abdominal breathing exercises form the foundation of this martial art form, that presents by far the most intense sword art.

What age-groups are your Haidong Gumdo training sessions meant for?

The Haidong Gumdo training sessions offered in our Taekwondo academy in Ellicott City, are meant for both adult and kids.

Isn’t it risky for children, as it is all about the sword?

No. We teach the children with appropriate technique and for their safety, use hard wood (mokgum) or foam swords.

I want to see how is Haidong Gumdo training. Do you provide a trial session?

Yes, we do offer trial sessions for candidates who wish to know about training.

What is the size of your Haidong Gumdo class?

Currently, due to COVID-19 considerations, we have limited our classes to 25 students.