Taekwondo, the Korean martial art form presents a perfect amalgamation of extraordinary passion and skill. The self-defense technique fosters the right alignment between physical and mental state. It involves techniques like kicking higher than the head, and punching, thus with the major roles played by both hand and feet.


The combat sport was developed by Korean martial art practitioners carrying experience in Karate, Subak, Taekkyon and Gwonbeop. Characterized by the coordination between the mind and body, Taekwondo is all about pose and confrontation. It is important for the performer to keep the mind calm and get it in perfect synchronization with the body movements. It is about training the mind as well as body and getting them on the same pane. The pose or posture should be right for the confrontation that leads to instant impact on the other side.


At Legacy Taekwondo Training Centre, one of the best Taekwondo training centers in Maryland, this self-defense training is provided with an objective to build self-confidence and an ability to perform. The Taekwondo training by world-class experts, is imparted to the young aspirants, intermediaries as well as those who wish to master it.


We believe that every Taekwondo student comes to us with a specific objective. Some may have come seeking their passion, while for some it must be a medium for building back self-confidence, and for some, there must be a need led by test of time. Therefore, we have created specialized packages for all age groups to cater to their different objectives.


With our unique packages, we try to provide every student, a personalized experience, with which they learn and imbibe the best of this martial art form. If you are looking for the best Tae Kwondo Do training center in Marriottsville, Ellicott City or Catonsville, then you have come at the right place.


We strive to provide you the best of this martial art form with personalized experience. Our highly skilled martial arts instructors provide training to establish perfect physical fitness, self-esteem, and a confidence to defend yourself under adverse circumstances. If you live near or around Ellicott City, looking to equip yourself with self-confidence, endurance and an outstanding fighter’s spirit, then contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taekwondo training?

Taekwondo is a great martial art form, that not only develops in you, an extraordinary skill, but also strengthens mind, body and soul. Taekwondo builds the ability to focus better, despite all distractions around. It smartens the reflexes and develops the ability to apply mindful techniques even under pressure. Taekwondo builds exceptional muscle strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, explosiveness, dexterity, agility, endurance and weight control. Taekwondo helps the soul by teaching students to stay positive at all times and to have indomitable spirit.

What do students learn in your taekwondo program?

Our taekwondo lessons are not just about practising martial art techniques, they are also about inducing life skills and moralistic values. Apart from this, the student is also expected to practice everything they have been taught with utmost passion and zeal, as that enables them to master this exemplary martial art.

How are your curriculums designed?

Our curriculums are designed to cater to distinct requirements of different students, so that we can provide personalized experience to one and all. Apart from this, we also help our students learn about the significance of balanced nutrition and discipline.

What kind of taekwondo techniques are taught in your training sessions?

We train our students in all the taekwondo techniques that aid in self-defense. We begin with simplest ones, and gradually intensify the training with complex techniques that are meant to deal with most challenging of situations.

Do I need to have a prior training experience in taekwondo?

No. You don’t need to have any prior martial arts experience to join our martial arts programs, though it is absolutely fine if the candidate already carries some experience.

What age-groups are your training sessions meant for?

Our training sessions offered in our Taekwondo academy in Ellicott City, are meant for both adult and kids. We also offer training package exclusively for women.

What is the right age for taekwondo training?

Every age is the right age for Taekwondo training. However, it all depends upon person to person and their physical and mental abilities to get skilled in this martial art form.

We offer martial arts classes for adults, family and kids. We also provide specialized family Taekwondo training, kids Taekwondo training and special Taekwondo training for women.

Does training in taekwondo make children aggressive?

Taekwondo does not make children aggressive enough to become hostile. It rather instils in them, the confidence, sense of discipline and right moral values. At our Taekwondo school in Ellicott City, during the Taekwondo classes, we ensure that our students develop and maintain as much passion in them, as is required to master this amazing martial art form.